Press and Events


A Piece Of Cake Bakery competes in WCIU's Wedding Cake Challenge

 Our Bakery's  "Fresh Strawberry Cake" 

chosen as


      WCIU-The U (Channe26)  

      Wedding Week Cake Challenge  



    A Piece Of Cake Bakery participates in Accion Chicago's 

  "Taste Of Accion Business" Conference  2007




                                                                                     A Piece Of Cake Bakery creates cake for Mayor Daley's 69th birthday


                                                                While on farewell tour of the city Mayor Richard Daley celebrates his 69th birthday

                                                                                     with a cake from A Piece of Cake Bakery in Chicago  

                                                                                                               April 2011


People and Organizations

Apostolic Church                            Mr. G's Supper Club                                 Harambee House              Chatheau Bu Che

Vernon Jarrett                                Chicago State University                           Discovery Zone                  House of Kicks

Lou Palmer                                    Olive-Harvey College                                 FairPlay Foods                   Jeanne Sparrow

Herb Kent                                       Harold Washington College                      Giant Foods                        Sherri Shepard

Mavis Staples                                 Kennedy-King College                              Walgreens                          Jackson Park Hospital

LL Kool J                                        Chicago Police Dept                                  Moo and Oink                     Seaway National Ba nk                

Pastor Clay Evans                         Chicago Fire Department                         Kenny for Ribs                    Taste of Chicago

Pastor Richard Henton                   Universiy at Chicago Circle                     Lawrence Fisheries              WVON